Friday, February 8, 2013

Time Out

Sometimes I need to stop wherever I am...and just rest.

Today I find myself aboard a plane bound for San Diego. Leaving 30 degree weather behind for 65 and sunny. Quite the problem to have, I realize that.

One of my best buds from Purdue did me the favor of relocating to America's Finest City, and I've done myself the favor of visiting him and his family frequently the past few years, including the honor of being his best man in 2009. Another mutual Boilermaker friend lives nearby and will be joining us this weekend as well.

What do you get when you put three bass drummers on a golf course?

Triple Bogies.

This week will be twofold for me. Next weekend I'll have the pleasure of attending a three day conference put on by Cochlear, the manufacturer of my implants. The time will consist of informational sessions and a chance to interact with hundreds of other CI users, which I'm very much looking forward to. I'll also have an opportunity to do some market research, a video interview about how CIs have changed my life, and even a private dinner at the Marine Base where Top Gun was filmed.

Truth is, I need some time off. The repetitious cycle of life has worn on me lately, and if I'm not careful (and sometimes I'm not) I can start to believe that's all my life is about.

And it's not.

This week I'll have a chance to play some golf, relax with good friends, interact with deaf people who speak and hear, encourage others (and myself) with the strides I'm making playing guitar, and most importantly I'll be able to remind myself of the many, many blessings I have in my life.

Just over two years ago I was completely deaf. I couldn't hear anything in either ear with the most powerful hearing aids on the market. I was quickly slipping into an isolated box of hopeless depression. Today I feel like I hear virtually as well as any normal hearing person, and I have countless avenues of connecting with community around me. Sometimes I get so consumed in the ruts of life I forget what an incredible gift I have.

This week will serve as a well overdue reminder.

You may not find yourself in San Diego this week, but wherever you are I hope life treats you well, and you too can be reminded of what's truly significant in your life.

San Diego, I'm coming for you...

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